I’m a French/UK directorart director, illustrator and concept/visual development artist with 20 years of experience in the animation and film industry, with a strong focus on environments. I enjoy working on storytelling driven projects to bring the design to support the narration and have a good overall understanding of the production process. Painting from life is also an important and regular part of my artistic practice.

After graduating from Gobelins L'école de l'image in Paris in 2005, I have been lucky to work on a wide range of TV, feature film and commercial projects in London, Tokyo or Paris, collaborating with a number of well established studios such as: Locksmith Animation, Aardman, Bobbypills,The Line, Cartoon Networks, Wildseed Studios, DNEG feature animation, Framestore Cfc, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Satelight, Studio Aka, Nexus productions, Eddy productions,ect... 
Some of the most recent notable projects include art direction on Captain Lazerhawk, a Blood Dragon Remix for Netflix/Ubisfot , Visual development on Oscar winning film The boy, the fox, the mole and the horse, and art direction on TV show Counterfeit Cat for Disney XD. Stay tuned also for my short film Volatilia, to be released soon.

I'm always happy to hear about new opportunities, please contact me HERE for any enquiry or click on the image below. Currently based in Barcelona in Spain, I am open to on-site or remote opportuinites. 

All images of this website are copyrighted by me or my clients. Please give full credits when linking and ask for express and written permission if you want to use them.